The word “ha” means sun and “ta” means moon. Hatha is a yoga to bring balance between our inner sun and moon, and a place from where we begin to prepare for a higher possibility! This class follows a slower pace; we take time in each pose, and build upon our strengths, to create a balanced experience physically, mentally and spiritually.


Synchronize motion with breath + music, and move with balance + alignment, in this all-levels yoga flow class. This class creates internal heat and power! It also gives a sense of connection, as our external movements become an expression of our thoughts and feelings.

The class aims to increase strength + mobility by holding poses and balances for longer periods of time, finding connection with the breath, and then introducing fluid and dynamic movement. Deep stretches are also included to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility, during which we bring focus to the breath and work on quieting the mind. In this combination of stretch, gentle movement, and body awareness we will leave feeling refreshed, balanced, and relaxed. Open to all levels.



This class begins in stillness, aligning the body and mind in meditation. From there, we find gentle movements that feel good and intuitive to the body. After we have brought life and breath to all parts of our being through fluid movement, we come back to stillness and close the practice with meditation. This is a low impact workout that is respectful to both the body and mind.


Relax, restore, and allow your body to settle completely. In this class we focus on a combination of supported poses designed to calm the mind and central nervous system, and allow your body to return to a natural state of relaxation. In addition, we experience the enriching benefits of Reiki. Reiki is a holistic, light touch, energy-based modality that assists in establishing a normal flow of energy in the body, enhancing the body's innate healing ability. This class will be a calm, soft space when you are feeling low on energy or in need of balance, as you will leave feeling refreshed, rested, and deeply relaxed. (Restorative is also offered without the addition of Reiki).


We will begin with a deeply nourishing and grounding meditation to calm, to collect our thoughts and to encourage our feelings of connection so that we might begin to open up. Then we set our intentions and, together, take a journey to unpack the things that are holding us back, everything that’s stuck. Using breath, sound and movement we release what is no longer serving us, no longer lighting us up. It’s a time to heal old wounds, to grow past our fears and surrender to the bigger picture of our lives. We begin to break patterns and rebuild. This visceral experience combines yoga, Pilates, movement and meditation.

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