As a movement + meditation teacher and energy worker, I have spent time focusing on the beautiful combination of inward observation and outward expression. It is my belief that, through this mindfulness, we can begin to learn more about ourselves and the patterning that can lead us astray from our path, our truth. When we connect and tune into our breath, and the internal dialogue. we begin to shift our patterns and perspectives; we can begin to know ourselves deeply, on a soul level. Through meditation, movement, and energy work, I hope to be able to guide you on a personal journey that allows you to unstick the stuck, and move with more freedom.

My intention as a teacher is to inspire participants to use all of their senses as they move through their own practice; encouraging them to be where their body is.

    "Yoga, rather than a path leading to mastery, is an invitation to evoke mystery and channel a powerful, subtle, and ultimately unnameable energy that roams inside us"
                                                                                                                                                                                                       -  Tias Little

I am truly looking forward to being able to hold the space for you to experience a deep connection with yourself, and those around you.

peace + love

RYT®200 at YYoga
Feelosophy Hands on Touch 8-hr Training
Body Harmonics® Pilates Mat Teacher Level 1
Reiki Master